good bye NYC – hello DC…

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014 21:30

time’s up :-( thank you for having taken care of me dear leigha (love your paintings), joey (best ice-sculpturer ever since in the world!) kate (you definitively prepare the best bloody mary), gordon (loved philosophizing) you are so open minded and hearted people, YOU are DUMBO! thank you for your love and trust….

learned something about this amazing city of dreams and nightmares….you can make it there, if you are strong and have talent…and are able to take a chance if it comes along!

9/11 changed so many things..biographies and the face of the beast. kate was there, she saw the towers coming down, she’s a photographer, had to take pics, it’s in her genes….she’s still suffering since that day…coughing…manhattan closing down that day…people losing their jobs…months of uncertainty…and how can a building crush just like that? why have the protocols of the firefires never been published going crazy about explosions on ground zero just before dying…who benefited from that day that changed the world’s history in a couple of hours….just like when the wall came down, putting an end to the cold war….how would our world look like without the war on terror…?

heading to DC now, presencing mayor transformation in the worldbank…next window of opportunity opening for a little time, there’s hope, let’s do something about it…then travelling to boston (and cambridge ;-) , cape cod…
enjoying my personal road movie…the universe is an amazing place and a helpful friend, see what happens next….



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happy new year DUMBO!

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014 0:54

i love you brooklyn, this is THE place 2 b!


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one of those days….

Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013 18:34


today is one of those days…
…when i don’t have plans
…when everything flows
…when people start smiling @ me
…when i feel the past and the future in the present
…when things start falling into place
…when i hardly can stand the sheer beauty of life
…when i feel happy
…when i start being!

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wishes for the upcoming year…

Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013 4:15

design your life in many coloursHey all you guys down under, on Tuvalu, in good old Europe and where ever you start the new year before we do in the Americas: i wish you a colourful year with enough pencils to design it the way you want to live it! Cheers miss sofie – same procedure as every year…;-)

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Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013 3:56

stand up!ask questionsstay curiousbe who you are…stay curious…ask questions…stand up…be who your are…

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Montag, 30. Dezember 2013 19:02

DUMBO by nite

DUMBO means Down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. the view and the noise are unbelievably breathtaking…big city and small girl…the touch-down wasn´t soft, i do feel sick, maybe the water…or maybe just this feeling of transforming again into something else…just before new year´s eve…cross fingers and keep you posted!

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carried away…in brooklyn

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013 18:21

hey after wonderful years in latin america i had a good time living in bavaria and stopped over since one year in cozy bonn, the former german capital, enjoying a wonderful time with my housemates (my daugther luna, my coach petra and my best-friend-forever and best man i know on this earth mauricio). before starting over again i took a break to think and contemplate…just carried away :-) to new york, where i wanted to test in 1995 living in the “big city” before trying out in bogotá “realismo magico”…that´s almost 20 years ago, many things happened since then (the best? that mauricio brought me down our little luna right from the universe…!). now it´s time to reinvent myself a bit…on the road…because life is a journey…i would love to have some travel companions!

furthermore i´d like to wish you all a healthy and exciting year 2014! i can´t remember anything that hasn´t been exciting in the last 20 years ;-) except a night in a boring club in wiesbaden that reminded myself why i started my traveling in the 90s…

ah and i titled the whole thing “carried away” because my uncomparable dancing-mates told me, that i´ve some similitarities with carrie bradshaw (sex and the city!)…well i thought, then you will be receiving some columns from myself that focus on the most important minor matter of the universe: living love or loving life in general and in particular!!

looking for mister big? no, just looking for myself…!
hugs from brooklyn down under manhattan bridge overpass…

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carried away…in brooklyn

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013 18:05

hey nach der herrlichen zeit in lateinamerika habe ich schon einen lebensabschnitt in bayern hinter mir, lebe gerade im beschaulichen bonn in einer wunderbaren hausgemeinschaft und bevor nun wieder etwas neues losgeht, habe ich mich mal eine runde abgesetzt… carried away eben :-) nach new york, wo ich 1995 “big city” üben wollte, bevor ich in bogotá “realismo magico” erleben sollte…tja fast 20 jahre her, viel passiert und nun werde ich versuchen, mich ein wenig neu zu erfinden… unterwegs…denn das leben ist eine reise…würde mich über ein wenig reisebegleitung freuen!

ansonsten wünsche ich euch einen guten rutsch in ein gesundes und spannendes jahr 2014! mir muss ich das nicht wünschen ;-) kann mich an nichts unspannendes in den letzten 20 jahren erinnern, ausser einen abend in einem oeden wiesbadener club, der mich daran erinnert hat, wieso ich irgendwann in den 90ern von dort aufgebrochen bin…

ach ja und carried away habe ich das ganze nun genannt, weil ihr meine wunderbaren tanz-mädels mich irgendwann darauf hingewiesen habt, dass ich dieser carrie bradshaw von sex and the city ähnlich sei…nun denn, dann bekommt ihr nun von mir auch kolumnen, die sich um die schönste nebensache der welt drehen:
das l(i)eben im allgemeinen und im besonderen!!

auf der suche nach mister big? nein, auf der suche nach mir selbst…!
hugs from brooklyn down under manhattan bridge overpass…

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Hallo Welt! Hola Mundo!

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009 15:04

Liebe alle, ab dem 1.1.2010 beginne ich einen neuen Lebensabschnitt…wo? Weiss ich noch nicht genau. Solange gibt es aber schon mal Brigitta Villaronga Walker 1.0 und hier nun eben auch 2.0 im Netz…Bis die Tage! Brigitta Villaronga

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